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Take a minute to read the whole page below and you'll discover the reason Poison and Heat treatment companies are not in the business of curing your bed bug plague but merely servicing it costing you 1,000's in discarded furniture and wasted money. Its called "Big Business" and they are in the business of making it chronic in your home. Its the same thing with Doctors and the Medical profession... there is no money in curing your illness but they need you to buy a pill a day because that's where the money is. So avoid the self-treatment merry-go-round and especially the Chronic return of bed bugs by the poison and heat treatment company treatments.

No More Bites Tonight has 3 big advantages over the poison companies: 1) Generally 1/4 of their Prices; 2) The only one that stops them immediately, and #3) 12 times their 30 warranties for many years of protection resulting in a much healthier home. Eliminating all bugs from forming a nest, while getting all germs and dust-mites as it changes the ecology of your home to a bug-free nasty microbe-free environment. Keeping away odors and molds, flu and cold viruses too. Our Overwhelming Force used treating literally everywhere bugs can hide can change a home in such a way that getting bed bugs can be a great blessing to your home, family, and pets. Timothy Marshall, Owner of No More Bites Tonight...

BedBugs have gone up 100% every year for the last 42 years and counting since 1974 when the pesticide DDT was outlawed. Any scientist or mathematician will tell you that no bug can do this on its own; the "cure" has to be causing it. And It is. The various poisons and natural remedies used cause the bedbug to do three things in every home they are used.

First, the smell of the poison interrupts their ability to smell you sleeping causing the vast majority out in the open to start hitchhiking going to work, school, family and friends homes. That is why they are going up 100% every year for the last 42 years and counting. Next, because it is a poison, it does kill the rest out in the open, but it doesn't get the eggs or the ones in the preferred hiding places inside the walls and the rafters of the attic and the basement.

These Bedbugs in the preferred hiding places do two things: First, the ones in the walls where people and animals are walking by, but they cannot jump on you to leave because they are in the walls they just wait (and can live up to 1 year without a blood meal) Then about 4-6 weeks later when the poison has evaporated they come out and start building up again but you don't notice it right away then its 3 months, 6 months or longer until they get heavy again. The main problem is they cannot smell the people sleeping in the home causing them to "Hitchhike" going to work, school, family and friends homes. That is how poison and the smell of natural remedies cause the bedbug to be chronic in your home. It's great for them because they spread it to your friends and family and they get to charge you again next year.

When people get them again they think their just unlucky but it's the very same infestation because the ones in the attic (they prefer to go high where no one is walking around so they can lay 1-5 eggs a day) just hibernate and they can't smell when they're hibernating and they hibernate in stages between 6-18 months. Then when they wake up it's again about 6 months to a year before they get heavy and you notice them hitchhiking again. They only hitchhike out of desperation because it is the only time they are in danger of getting caught. So you can go in and out of a home with bedbugs and be perfectly safe until they start using poison and natural remedies which causes the bedbugs to have to leave in order to feed.

There is good news however, you can quickly get rid of them today and protect your home for the future with No More Bites Tonight's "Wall to Wall BedBug Killing and Protection Service". Not only is the treatment not poison but extremely healthy for the home helping to eliminate dust mites and germs, molds odors and other nasty microbes. So schedule your "Wall to Wall Killing and Protection Service" Today and Sleep in Peace Tonight... And into the far distant future, enjoying your "Peace of Mind"!!!

Serving the Try-State Area from Marshall, Michigan!

For bed bug infestations you don't have to throw anything away just provide us with a fitted sheet to leave permanently on each bed (place a second sheet to lie on so you can wash it) to hold in our treatment. This guarantees the longevity of our service. We do the jobs the big boys can't handle. We don't try to "Find" the bugs or "Lure" the bugs we use the "Dummy" method and come in with overwhelming force dusting all hiding places for bugs. "Call Today and Sleep in Peace Tonight" with "No More Bites Tonight".

$378.00 Complete for 1000 Sq.Ft. and $72.00 each additional 500 Sq.Ft. $378.00 will usually cover an apartment which doesn't have a basement or an attic. Then a small home is usually 1500 Sq.Ft. $378.00 + $72 or 450.00 and a regular size home is generally about 2000 Sq.Ft. Or $378.00 + 72.00 x 2 or 522.00 So if you call and describe your home I'll tell you how much it costs. I usually try to charge the least possible and will help you in any way I can.

They usually don't cause bites and bites are an unreliable way of telling whether or not you have bedbugs, however, they do make holes in the skin that can be irritated up to 4-6 weeks later or until you get a new layer of skin. The effects of a bed bug bite can be extremely uncomfortable, depending on severity, and almost everybody itches but many get no reaction. A bite may appear as 3 small dots in a row or in the same area since it takes them 10-20 minutes to feed and they have to make several holes. However, not everyone reacts to the bites. There are basically 3 groups. The 1st gets a reaction right away and are allergic to the anesthesia they inject you with to keep you asleep. Its great to be allergic because you know the next day you have bedbugs whereas most people don't know for 3-6 months or even a year. The bad news is that only 3% of the population is allergic. Next is Group #2 this is 70% of the population and they can scratch those holes and nothing will happen, however, if they have bleach under their fingernails or something that irritates the holes than the bites come up. The 3rd and final part of the population the last 30% are like me immune and we can scratch with Bubonic plague under our fingernails and we won't get a reaction (slight exaggeration, haha). In any case, itching is always a common symptom and we give you two types of skin oils to stop these old holes from becoming irritated. The oils stop the itching immediately and work great for preventing new bites. All you have to do is use the oils for 3 days in a row anywhere you had previous bites and it will heal those other holes so no new ones come up

Its bad for you and for me as it creates a doubt in your protection which is totally unnecessary. I could fail you because I'm human, but the powered will never fail you. Aside from the physical effects of bed bug bites, it has dramatic and often damaging psychological effects, too. It can cause stress, anxiety, and insomnia. This can lead to sleepless nights and affect your overall quality of life. There is even a syndrome associated with bedbugs that thankfully only a very few people get. Its called "Dulcimer Syndrome". It terrible for them and even for me as they refuse to believe they are safe no matter what I tell them or show them. Thankfully, the fact that my procedure is very messy has a great effect in getting over the trauma. What I mean is this. When a poison company treats a home it's invisible and when you go to bed at night you wonder whether you are safe or not. With No More Bites Tonight we spray the wall and treat everywhere and it's messy but easily cleaned up with vacuuming and dusting. A much easier task than all the preparations the poison companies require, i.e. you have to take everything off the walls, you have to move everything away from the walls, you have to take everything out of all the cabinets, you have to wash all the clothes even the hanging clothes and bag them up, and you have to take all the light sockets off. Then you have to put it all back. With No More Bites Tonight, none of that is necessary. It is however still a big job to clean up so please watch the video of me treating my own home so you'll know what the procedure is and how it looks and how it works. In the last 10 minutes of the video "Whole Home Treatment...What to Expect..." you can actually see them coming out of the walls one hour later and dying in the dust trails on the floor. It's really quite amazing how well it works.

Bed bugs are attracted to quiet dry areas, i.e. attic rafters, inside walls and basement rafters. This explains why they hibernate when poisons are used since the bedbug cannot smell the slight difference in the blood when you go into deep sleep because of the smell of the poison. In order to ensure that these pests are 100 percent removed from their hiding areas, you should call on a company known for excellent bed bug removal serving the Try-State area from Marshall, Michigan! Reach out to us at No More Bites Tonight. We are the only company with 24 hour emergency service offering a timely response to your needs because we are committed to outstanding customer service.

Protect yourself from bedbug bites. Get rid of bedbugs found in the bed, furniture, and cushions, without having the added expense of throwing them away. Often times the poison companies make you throw the beds and couches away too in addition to their price being 4 times as much. This is a strategy on their part to help them get beyond their 30-day warranty without trouble. As your trusted source of bedbug removal services and major infestations of any kind, we guarantee to provide you with the best treatment option at a low price. Usually 1/4 of the big company prices, however, there are a few companies that charge about $500.00 but tell you they may have to do it again. Try to avoid these companies because they usually get their 1-2000.00 anyway by charging $500.00 at a time. We make use of organic products to ensure your safety, as we do not want to expose you to the harmful fumes or toxic chemicals they do. We do this because we value your health and obey God's requirements.

Pest control companies are a dime a dozen, so why should you hire us? We stand out from the rest because as an experienced green company, we offer the best prices too. Where other companies will charge you $1,000-$2,000 dollars, we provide the same service for only $378.00 for an apartment, 450.00 for a small home and 522.00 for a regular size home with no additional charge for excessive clutter or being a long distance away. Complete Bedbug Killing and Protection. With us, you get high-quality service at a price that you can hopefully afford because if you cant your in for a very long fight in which you'll spend many time over my fee. Do not settle for re-treatment companies providing constant re-treatment services to the unsuspecting public. You deserve nothing but the best.

Our team of professional pest exterminators will come to your home as scheduled. We place great emphasis on punctuality because we do not want to waste your time. Like us, we are sure you have many things to do. Of Course, a home depending on clutter can take as much and double the time to treat. We do not charge extra for these more difficult jobs so we ask that you be a little more flexible with appointment times. This allows us to treat a much larger geographic area without charging you extra expense. It's just a way for you to help us help others because you don't want them getting bit even one extra day either. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, hire the professionals from No More Bites Tonight!

Simple Green Solution To Bedbug Infestations. No Poison Used. $378.00 Complete 1000 Sq.Ft. $72.00 each additional 500 Sq.Ft. Stop Infestations From Spreading To Your Family And Friends. Stop throwing things away @1/4 of the Poison Company's Prices. And only Immediate Relief available. So...

Call Today... Sleep in Peace Tonight...

No More Bites Tonight has more good reviews than any other bedbug treatment company(see Reviews Page). I too get bad reviews on occasion but it is not because it doesn't work but because it's messy. These reviews are not usually the person who hired me but a tenant or spouse or child of the person who hires me. So please watch the video to see what this involves so you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately, with bedbugs, the vast majority of my good customers don't leave reviews because of the embarrassment of having bedbugs and so, for this reason, I don't ask them for reviews. Only a tiny percentage are unhappy (maybe 1 in 50-75 customers) and that is because of the mess and a lack of understanding of how serious the plague is in their homes.

Pay close attention to this rule because it is very traumatic to see bites come up later.

Bedbugs Go Up 100% Every Year Because of the Smell of the poisons and all the products bought and sold online or in a store, even the 100% Natural ones. They all Have a "Smell" causing bedbugs to be "Chronic" in your home, causing you to have to buy more. They All expire and you'll have to buy them again. This is the Business Model... This is how they're designed. Because of No More Bites Tonight's Unique Service and 100% success rate... No Bed Bed Product; No Bed Bug Exterminator; No Bed Bug Company; No Bed Bug Service; Or Bed Bug Professional can Stop It Immediately and Permanently Like No More Bites Tonight Can and Will if you get off that Poison Merry-Go-Round and Call today...

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