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Isn't it about time you stop allowing poison to be distributed throughout your restaurant and replace it with a healthy treatment that will eliminate all germs as well as nasty odors. Our treatment not only kills all bugs but sanitizes the whole cooking area soaking up smells like a sponge. Call for a quote today and create a healthy environment for your customers and employees without bugs and germs.

The pricing is based on square footage and the kitchen area is counted separately from the dining areas. the All areas excluding public areas are $378.00 1st 1,000 Sq. Ft. and $72.00 each additional 1,000 Sq. Ft. The dining area will be discounted significantly. Call for a quote as large areas qualify for significant discounts. Your warranty is one year but retreatment may be required in certain areas. Usually, a touch up every 6 months is sufficient at 1/2 the original rate.

Pests cause a lot of damage, and with that damage comes the high cost of repair. The average American household will spend no less than a thousand dollars each year because of pest damage. Unfortunately, you cannot embark on a do-it-yourself pest removal project. You need the help of a professional pest exterminator to remove unwanted pests from your property.

If you want to get rid of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, spiders, ants, bees, and the like, call on an experienced pest remover to do the job. No More Bites Tonight performs effective pest removal in Pontiac and all of Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. We have the right tools and equipment for any task, and our pest management system utilizes the best organic products to ensure safety.

We start with a thorough home inspection process in order for us to identify what pests are present in your property. After this, we design a plan on how to effectively exterminate them. Our team will come to your home as scheduled and leave your home completely pest-free. We will also give helpful tips and recommendations on how to avoid pest re-infestation.

Pest control companies are a dime a dozen, so why should you hire us? We stand out from the rest, because as a homegrown local, we offer the best prices. While other companies will repeatedly charge you for pest removal, we provide a one time service for only $378.00 complete for immediate pest control. For all other pests removal $378.00 complete including free estimates. With us, you get high quality service at a price that you can easily afford. Do not settle for mediocre companies providing mediocre services. You deserve nothing but the best. Get extraordinary pest removal services from No More Bites Tonight!

Bedbugs Go Up 100% Every Year Because of the Smell of the poisons and all the products bought and sold online or in a store, even the 100% Natural ones. They all Have a "Smell" causing bedbugs to be "Chronic" in your home, causing you to have to buy more. They All expire and you'll have to buy them again. This is the Business Model... This is how they're designed. Because of No More Bites Tonight's Unique Service and 100% success rate... No Bed Bed Product; No Bed Bug Exterminator; No Bed Bug Company; No Bed Bug Service; Or Bed Bug Professional can Stop It Immediately and Permanently Like No More Bites Tonight Can and Will if you get off that Poison Merry-Go-Round and Call today...

Get extraordinary pest removal services from No More Bites Tonight!

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