Justin — 5 star
August 26 at 2:16pm ·
The service is excellent!!! The results are amazing!

LeVel — 5 star
August 26 at 8:54am
This treatment is amazing! It’s crazy how many people haven’t heard about it. Tim is very professional and knowledgeable about his work and I recommend him � I can’t put it all in words but freedom from pests is peace in itself. Worth the investment!

Josalynn — 5 star

Alicia — 5 star
July 3 ·
Omg where to begin he literally just left my house 3 hours ago and I’m seeing instant results!! Tim originally came out here for a bed bug infestation but I did inform him that this building has termites so he came in did his thing and an hour later I’m watching the termites struggle and die in the white powder he used. I was strongly advised not to remove the first fitted sheet on my bed so if pests outside of my bed are suffering then I can only imagine what the bed bugs in my mattress and box spring are going through #BugGuru

Crystal — 5 star
May 26 ·
I love love Tim! Not only do I love him but the work he does. He’s so passionate and kind and really wants the best for your home and the best to get rid of the bugs. I would highly recommend Tim in a heart beat. It’s only been Day three since we got the house done and I’ve already seen the difference. Tim really knows what he’s talking about. I learned that these bugs LOVE to hide in your wall so dont try to be cheap and buy new beds and bed bug spray because it will NOT get rid of them. You just need to call Tim and let him handle the situation because you will not regret it.

Kwan — 5 star
April 12 ·
I work with hundreds of kids in Pontiac and always had issues with those families having bed bug infestations. Every family I sent Tim to has been extremely pleased

Bri — 5 star
February 28 ·
Tim is very caring and full of knowledge! I am so very grateful I called him, I know I won’t regret it ! He spent 3 long hours (at last minute) on our home and did a wonderful job! I would most definitely recommend him to anybody ! He uses all natural (not harmful) products that gets the job done! He didn’t miss a crack or crevice in the house! Even did the shed and garage! Messy but worth it ! And you can’t beat the price ! Thumbs up!!!

Michael — 5 star
January 11 ·
I got it done. It works! I’ve saw many dead little guys, and it don’t stop there at how many other bugs come out of the wood work to die. I have a 4mnth old 2yr old, and a 5 yr old. I used chemicals in one room and I almost died for like 30 hrs. Windows where open fan was on, and I wore a mask. It was awful! The smell was still here when he arrived. After that experience with the chemicals. I came to the conclusion there was absolutely no way in this world I was going to put that on stuff my babies handle. I called No More Bites Tonight. Best decision ever. He will educate you well with logics and facts. It is messy, our hair got kinda dry with it being winter and the heat going this stuff sucks the moister out of the air. Im running 2 humidifiers. I have a few days or so before I can do a real cleaning. My babies are safe the kids laughed and played at first cause your house is “antiqued” as we would call it when you flour ones face. Lol I find bugs still here and there but when I do. They are dead! The smell of the harsh chemicals is gone as well.

Dan. — 5 star
December 16, 2016 ·
It works and it works very well nobody gets the job done like Tim he is awesome

Angella — 5 star
October 6, 2016 ·
So happy and relieved to have found this company!! Yes it’s messy, but way less messy and way less harmful to my health and wallet than any other pest control company! I would take a year of this kind of mess over one day of having any of these critters in my home or the psychological torment it creates!! It was immediate relief and I can sleep well knowing my family is safe from pesticides and bugs!! I have children, pets and an elderly Grandmother and we try to live as natural and organic as possible so I feel safe and comfortable with this remedy! This guy is incredibly knowledgeable about what he is doing and he wants to help others get rid of these plagues so his heart is in it, he isn’t out to rip you off or trick you into thinking they are gone so that you will have to call him back, this is a long term eradication not a temporary cover up! He doesn’t only guarantee it for 30 days like other companies, he guarantees it indefinitely, that alone says something! So thankful for what this man has done for my family and for so many others!! You won’t be sorry unless you choose not to utilize this gift!

Dan — 5 star
July 26, 2016 ·
Best man for the job you can count on this guy trust me

Scot — 5 star
November 16, 2015 ·
Little messy the 1st week but the best long term pest control you can get. Got rid of the bedbugs immedietly and all the roaches too. Especially nice because of the price.